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"All grit no quit." 

These are the deeply rooted words that Josh Ward lives by to an absolute fault. An anchored mindset that has led this Texas country music star from a drifter's adolescence to the jeopardous game of the rodeo circuit to the punishing toil of the Texas oil fields, and on into the fickle arms of the music business. Josh has 12 consecutive #1 singles in Texas under his belt, over 2 million views on YouTube, over 3 million streams globally on Spotify, 4 venerated album releases and a Top 40 hit single at mainstream radio. Josh Ward is country music blood to bone. The culmination of his radio success and his victories out on the road can easily be attributed to the actual man behind the music. He's the animated truth of all he stands for, a self-made family man who always has a welcome smile and an open spot in the family.   

LeRoy Walker

"The Machine"


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LW "The Machine" was raised in Washington state and was a three-sport athlete in football, wrestling, and baseball. He started hammering the bench at age 13 in his garage gym. By his late teens, LeRoy entered his first bench competition and lifted a raw 489, topping 500 later that year. Hooked ever since, Leroy holds a number of American lifting records and has been undefeated for four years straight in bench competition. LeRoy is currently training to become the 6th person in the history to go over 700lb raw in the bench. 

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From the coastal plains of Texas comes a young, rocky-tonk singer/songwriter who's stories and lyrical paintings will make you listen and draw you into the scene. New album, "Radio Cowboy", out now!

Guy Cisternino


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Brian, born and raised in Houston, Texas, has always had a passion in fitness. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Houston and proceeded to create his own gym called Apex Houston. Brian is a personal trainer and also an athlete who competes in Men's Physique shows. With encouragement from family and friends, Brian is motivated to keep pursuing his goal to achieve pro status in his bodybuilding sport. Grateful for his amazing support, Brian continues to share his knowledge with clients and members who need help getting healthier and building a better understanding about fitness. 



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Cameron was a professional soccer player for the Houston Dutch Lions from 2012 to 2015. He also played for Texas United in 2017. He currently is playing with the Shreveport Rafters. 

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John McCowen

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John McCowen (Big Smooth) is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and competitor. He has been training for over 10 years and has placed 2nd at the IBJJF World Masters twice at purple belt and once at brown belt. He received his brown belt in January of 2019 and has already climbed the IBJJF ranking system to the top 20 for the master 3 brown belt division He has his sights set on the number one spot and plans to achieve that goal in 2020. 




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Macey was a cheerleader and studied Kinesiology at Kilgore College and Sam Houston State University. She started her fitness journey in 2012, working in sales at a gym. In 2014 she started her bodybuilding career. She won the overall in her first show in 2015 as a Figure competitor. She has since switched over to Women's Physique and placed 2nd at Jr Nationals in 2017, and was one step away from turning IFBB Pro. Her next show will be in Vegas at the USA's in July 2018 for another shot at winning Pro status. Macey is an athlete at heart and still enjoys gymnastics, track and overall body fitness.