Click on the appropriate link below to fill out your paperwork before your appointment. 

Click on your infuser's name to fill out your patient forms.

Please call one of our infusers to schedule your appointment. We might not see that you have filled out the paperwork if you do not call us first. Thank you. 

If you are new to VitaDrip® IV Therapy, Inc., and do not know who your infuser is, use the list below as a guide.

CEO: Robin

Dallas/Ft. Worth: Angela

North Dallas: Julia

San Antonio: Amira

Houston: Remunda

College Station: Michelle

Houston: Kimberly

The Woodlands: Heather

Oklahoma: Shiloh

Indiana: Paula

Kentucky: Paula

Illinois: Tammy

You can view and download VitaDrip IV Therapy, Inc.'s HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices by clicking the link below.