VitaDrip® IV Therapy


VitaDrip® IV Therapy, Inc. offers life enhancing IVs, as well as B-12, Lipo B, and various other intramuscular injections. VitaDrip® IV is completely concierge; we can come to your home, business, gym, or even your hotel room to administer the IVs or injections. Our compounded nutrients are specially mixed for us by our personal pharmacist at a compounding pharmacy and are of the utmost quality. 

VitaDrip® IV Therapy, Inc. specialize in high quality, life enhancing IVs. We come to you so there is no need for you to have to waste your day by sitting in a stuffy waiting room for your appointment! Just stay home and settle back on your own comfy couch. We offer advice and guidance for you to reach the healthiest you yet!

We have participated in many events and hold daily events at different establishments around Texas.  Please reach out if you would like for VitaDrip® IV Therapy, Inc. to come to your place of business so you can offer VitaDrip® IV brand IVs to your clientele.

If you are interested in becoming part of the VitaDrip® IV Therapy Infuser team, please call Robin (281)635-0994

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At least 75% of Americans live their lives DEHYDRATED!!


Being dehydrated opens us up to a plethora of diseases and over all bad health!! We also tend to take oral supplements  A LOT...only a very small percentage of those expensive oral supplements actually make it to your cells. What a waste of money!! 


Do you want to maximize your muscles that you've worked so hard to get?  VitaDrip IV Therapy, Inc. has the tools and IV nutrients to achieve all of your health and performance needs...with close to 100%  cellular uptake!

Our IVs contain life enhancing formulas that promote muscle growth, circulation, boosts immunity, helps to diminish fat cells, beautifies skin cells, aids in wound healing, even boosts libido!  


Other benefits from our IV Therapies are minimizing free radicals, heart conditions, kidney problems, neurological problems, gut problems, also our IVs can actually help stabilize blood sugar levels, and that's just to name a few!

Whatever your needs, WE HAVE A DRIP FOR THAT!®

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Our Infusers
Robin Dees, CEO of VitaDrip IV Therapy, Inc.
Robin Dees, CEO, BSN, RN

Robin is a Registered Nurse with a BSN from University of Texas Medical Center in Houston and has over 20 years experience in the medical field. 


Michelle Galfo, RN
College Station
Krystal Pic.jpg
Krystal Bailey, BSN, RN
League City, Texas
Angela Fitts, Dallas Ft. Worth Infuser for VitaDrip
Angela Fitts, Nurse
Dallas/Ft. Worth
Tammy IL pic 2.jpg
Tammy Little, Nurse
Juia McCord, North Dallas Infuser for VitaDrip IV Therapy, Inc.
Julia McCord, BSN, RN
North Dallas
Ashley W. Pic.jpg
Ashley Winkelmann, RN
Brenham, Texas
Heather Pic.jpeg
Amira Pic1.jpg
Heather Simmons, RN
The Woodlands
Amira Abdelkader, RN
San Antonio
Paula Merry, BSN,RN
Indiana & Kentucky
Kimberly pic.jpg
Kimberly LaCour,
Lacee Porter, RN
Bryan, Texas
Andrea Medina Pic.jpg
Andrea Medina, RN
Spring, Texas
Megan Burch, BSN
Brenham, Texas
Kara Shepherd, RN
Spring, Texas
Kimberly Buttery, RN
San Marcos, Texas
Jennifer Izard, RN
Anderson, Texas
Erica Popowitch, BSN, RN
Tomball, Texas
IMG_5964 (1).jpg
Keyla Campbell, MSN, RN, NPD-BC
Houston, Texas
Alicia Pic1.jpg
Alicia Lopez-Orellana, RN
Santa Fe, Texas
Allie Pic.jpg
Allie Price, RN
Brenham, Texas
Christen Pic.jpg
Christen Amoroso, RN
College Station, Texas
Daphne Pic.jpg
Daphne Dabney, RN
College Station, Texas
Chrystal Pic.jpg
Crystal DeVilbiss, RN
Kingwood, Texas
Lisa Baldwin-Pic.jpg
Lisa Baldwin, RN
Freedom, Pennsylvania
Martha Pic.jpg
Martha Rubakha, RN
Mountville, PA
Misty Pic.jpg
Misty Rader, RN
Abilene, TX
Stacey Pic.jpg
Stacey Hanzelka, RN
Cypress, TX

Lacee was amazing! She answered all the questions we had and made the process so quick and painless. A true professional! Would definitely recommend her and their services.

— Sergio 8/09/21

"Michelle was wonderful, cordial, & with excellent nursing skills. I am so happy she was available on short notice to come help me out and keep me out of the ER."

— Beverly, 5/12/21

"Heather was very friendly and professional."

— Kimberly, 1/22/21

"Kimberly was amazing she proved very good service."

— Anonymous, 8/15/22

Andrea was wonderful! Very knowledgeable, efficient and personable. Look forward to seeing her again!

— Natalie 7/26/21